Last year I characterized the Bear-weekend in Cologne as ‘Augenweide‘ – this year we were described as ‘Augenschmaus’ – which equates to roughly the same thing. This year, Henk was a candidate in the Mr. Bear contest. And we helped him.

For his act, we performed the ‘Dance of the Little Swans’ from the ballet ‘Swan Lake’. I think we wowed the audience – but sadly Henk did not make it to the first three. But we tried!

On stage for Mr Bear 2006

Click the image for a (Quicktime) movie.

5 thoughts on “Augenschmaus

  1. BRAVO! BRAVA! Sehr schöne Schwäne wart ihr!!!

    Sorry that we didn’t make it this year… now I truly regret it, although our families appreciated having us here for the Ami-holiday.

  2. From the “400 Gays and a Lot of Mirrors” file:

    This week I found out that Rainer was the winner. Rainer and his partner Friedl run in my circle in Munich at the Teddy-Bar. They hosted the Christmas dinner that Franz went to last night, along with Manfred & Stefan. I think you boys met Stefan at Paulaner im Tal, where he works.

  3. And at that dinner in Paulaner im Tal, we had Joachim along, who also participated in the Mr. Bear contest….

    Make that 300 gays and a lot of mirrors….

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