Opening of the boating season 2007

Today we took our first spin around Amsterdam. The weather was very nice – especially for early March.
Click the image for some pictures.
Gezonken Bootje

There were many sunken boats today – such a shame!

3 thoughts on “Opening of the boating season 2007

  1. Holy cow it looks like the Official Bird of the city of Amsterdam should now be the Crane! So many of them roosting along buildings being built!

    I’m glad AYOR is seaworthy again this year.

  2. Beautiful pics, except for the sunken boats, unhappy ones. Nice to see Amsterdam down the sun, and u starting to sail again 🙂

    Hugs from Madrid

  3. Glad to see you guys enjoying boating around the city. Hope you have a wonderful spring with plenty of enjoyable trips.



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