Bütz mich!

..or ‘Kiss me!’. One of the features of Carneval in Cologne is Bützen. Which is kissing, but without sexual intent. Another feature is Schunkeln, which is moving to the music (and there’s music everywhere). Anyhow, bützen was appropriate for our costume for the Rosa Funken Ball: we went as Snow White and the seven dwarfs. And Show White was brought back to life by a kiss, of course. More on Karneval (in german)

Carneval was a lot of fun, of course. We seem to have come through it without losing our voices, or catching colds. But it’s only monday now, so we’ll have to see what develops.

Meanwhile, see some pictures here.

update: pictures of the Rosa Funken Ball are on the website for the Rosa Funken and photographers Viktor and Volker’s website.

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