Trailer? Yes. Trash? No.

Eriba in Dangast We’ve bought a caravan (trailer to some). It’s an Eriba Touring caravan, and we’ve taken it on it’s first outing. It’s surprisingly easy to drive with a caravan (as long as it isn’t in reverse). We chose Danmark as our first destination, because Jan’s sister-in-law, Lise, celebrated her 50th birthday on May 20, and we were invited. The original plan was to stay a few more days in Danmark, but the weather was so bad, that we returned early. The caravan however, performed flawlessly – it was nice and dry inside. You can see a few pictures here.

2 thoughts on “Trailer? Yes. Trash? No.

  1. Fantastic! Will you be able to rent it out as the Friendship B&B annex?

    (And I reserve the right to differ with you about the ‘Trash’ part 😉 )

  2. @David: the parking fees would add a surcharge of EUR 57 per day, so I think not…

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