On our way back from Mexico, we spent almost a week in Nashville, on the occasion of my uncle’s 80th birthday.

Trailer? Yes. Trash? No.

Eriba in Dangast We’ve bought a caravan (trailer to some). It’s an Eriba Touring caravan, and we’ve taken it on it’s first outing. It’s surprisingly easy to drive with a caravan (as long as it isn’t in reverse). We chose Danmark as our first destination, because Jan’s sister-in-law, Lise, celebrated her 50th birthday on May 20, and we were invited. The original plan was to stay a few more days in Danmark, but the weather was so bad, that we returned early. The caravan however, performed flawlessly – it was nice and dry inside. You can see a few pictures here.

(Old) York

We’re back from a whirlwind trip to York. We departed Amsterdam for Rotterdam/Europort on wednesday afternoon, to catch the night ferry to (Kingston upon) Hull. We drove from Hull to York, and got to the Wheatlands Lodge hotel at about 9:30. It’s a kind of anniversary for me, as I first stayed there in 1980, when I started my 1st term at YCAT (York College of Art & Technology, as it was then called). Apart from Jan, all of us had been to York previously. All of us was my mother, my brother and sister-in-law and their two daughters, and Jan and myself.
Things hadn’t changed as much as I thought they would have. The York Arms was exactly as I had left it 20-odd years ago. Or it looked suspicously like nothing had been changed.
Other things had changed though: there’s now a Starbucks on the corner of Stonegate and Petergate, with a wireless hotspot. Technology certainly has moved along. It was in York that I saw the first Apple Macintosh. Now if only I could get a wireless card for my iBook….
After an all-too-brief (not-quite-)two days, we took the ferry back to Rotterdam/Europort. We’ve only been away two days/three nights, but it seems like a much longer trip. I suppose that’s good value for money…