Family weekend

The weekend of August 8-10, we went to the south of France (Belvèze, nr. Montaigu-de-Quercy, Lot et Garonne) for a family get-together of Jan’s side of the family. Nearly everyone was there: only Jaap and Lise were missing.

Because we couldn’t get away for more than three days (restrictions at work), we flew down to Toulouse, and rented a car there. And because it was the south of France, I figured a convertible was in order. We rented a Peugeot 207 CC, very fancy. However, the night of the first day, I wanted to close the roof, and the mechanism stopped halfway through.

Fortunately, we were staying at the house of Jenny (Jan’s sister) and Chris, so we could leave the car open, but I was annoyed. The next day we took the car to a (Peugeot) garage, and they managed – after a lot of fuss – to close the roof manually. After that it worked again, but we decided not to take the risk.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a Peugeot 207 CC for myself.

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