New kitchen

We just got back from Crete (very relaxing, pictures to follow later), but just before (and a little during) our trip to Crete, we had a new kitchen installed. It’s essentially the same layout as the previous one, but now with all drawers, and no more cupboards. It’s taking us some time getting used to the new layout, but it’s nice to have everything wokring smoothly, after having drawers that were stuck and cupboard doors falling off.

And another year begins…

I’ve been busy today, clearing up the Christmas decorations. Not that we have that many, but it’s always more than you realise. And this year, instead of just shoving everything into a big box, I actually checked the fairylights. And then neatly stowed them in their original boxes.

You can see a couple of pictures of our traditional Christmas (well, day after Christmas for you Americans, Boxing Day for english visitors) dinner on this page.

Fairy lights