Still here…

So I was rummaging through my stuff, like you do, and I realised this corner of my web has grown cobwebs.

I (we) are still here, although in another location. The boats are sold, and we’ve settled in quite nicely, thank you.

They are just now taking down the scaffolding which has been outside for the last six weeks, while the exterior of the house was painted. It’s looks real pretty now. Now all that’s left to do, is finish the (2nd) bathroom. We’ve been postponing that, but maybe it’s time to get started.

current state of the bathroom

needs some work

we have moved…

…but the DSL-connection hasn’t yet. Due to an error of the provider, we’re without internet access for the moment. Fortunately, there are other places to get online. And queen Beatrix, in her Christmas message, has condemned the online society, calling it shallow. “all this twittering stands in the way of real, meaningful contact between neighbours”, or words to that effect. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

Busy busy busy

I’ve not had time to post any updates on the reconstruction and remodeling and redecorating work on the new address. Work is moving apace, we’re now in the reconstruction phase (after the demolition phase: we took away about 2000 kilo’s of surplus plasterboard, glass bricks, flooring…) and we’re starting on painting now. More later (hopefully).

Empty room

This morning, the moving people came and took away most of our things. It’ll be put in storage for the next 6 weeks, and then delivered at the new address.
But for now we have an empty houseboat. Monday we have to be out of here – we’re moving to the Friendship for the duration. We also get the keys to the new place Monday, so we can start rebuilding and remodeling, painting etc.

Then, just before Christmas we should be ready to move in. Hopefully we’ll have a kitchen by then as well, so we can have our traditional Christmas dinner. There’ll certainly be enough room…

One week to go…

We’ve signed the contracts, for the new apartment as well as selling the houseboats. Next week we’ll move to my houseboat. We’re getting the keys for the new place at the same time, so we can start remodeling and redecorating the new place. It’s going to be a busy time the coming weeks. All being well, we should be in the new place before Christmas. We’ll see…

Greetings from the cesspool

Most people know that the Fox channel isn’t the most objective news source on American TV. But in a recent broadcast they portrayed Amsterdam so falsely as a city of crime, drugs and anarchy, that YouTube user roberwter (a native Amsterdammer) had to show the facts:

Visit Amsterdam someday, and find out for yourself

Celebrating another Liberation Day

May 5th is Liberation day here in the Netherlands. Traditionally, there’s a concert on the Amstel, outside our window. Previous years, the TV did their live coverage from our living room, this year they opted for an outside broadcast. Not a good choice, considering the weather: wet and windy.

The stage

The stage

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Streetview comes to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is now part of the Google streetview database. We’ve come out OK: only thing is that they were repaving the street outside the houseboat, oh well. Can’t really tell whether we’re at home or not; the Ayor is there anyway, unlike in the satellite view: in Google Earth we’re out on a boat ride apparently.

Gourmet cuisine

Grill with your favourite beer or soda

Grill with your favourite beer or soda

When we were in Nashville, we found these in the local Home Depot. We considered it a joke, but after having tried it, we must say that the chicken was very nice. We used Hertog Jan beer, and the result was very nice.

The can is still inserted.

The can is still inserted.

still here

No, I’m not gone – just busy at work. Oh, and some travel too. But I’ll update on that later.

Here, a picture from Cologne, where we were for Karneval, as tradition requires.

Timon in Cologne

Timon in Cologne


In January we spent almost two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, or PV for short, in Mexico. Originally it was supposed to be a week, but Delta cancelled our original flight, and the only viable alternative they could offer us was a flight two days earlier. Oh well, we got extra vacation time..

New kitchen

We just got back from Crete (very relaxing, pictures to follow later), but just before (and a little during) our trip to Crete, we had a new kitchen installed. It’s essentially the same layout as the previous one, but now with all drawers, and no more cupboards. It’s taking us some time getting used to the new layout, but it’s nice to have everything wokring smoothly, after having drawers that were stuck and cupboard doors falling off.

Falling leaves

Fallen branch

Fallen branch

Or more precise, falling branches. When I came home on September 1st, I saw a huge branch had fallen down off the tree outside our hosueboat. It had just missed the parked cars, and fallen between the housebaot and the shore. Judging by the discolouring of the wood, the tree is diseased. Here’s hoping the whole tree won’t fall over…

Quick trip to Munich

From May 12 to May 14, my mother and I took a short trip to Munich to meet up with Cathy and Howard, as well as Paul and Chris. A couple of pictures below.