Amsterdam Gay Pride 2006 (updated)

Today was the Amsterdam gay Pride highlight: the Canal Parade. You can probably find many pictures online (flickr, anyone?). I don’t have many of our boat, on account of being on it.

The offical theme for the Canal Parade was “Rembrandt 400”, we however didn’t really keep to that motto. Our motto was “Rembrandts Greek Period”, and we went as the Nana Mouskouri farewell tour. This was the poster on our boat:


Mouse-over for full effect.

Here’s one picture to give you an idea (Thomas as Nana Mouskouri):

Thomas as Nana
I’ll add more pictures later, when I get them. Now it’s off to the street party along the Amstel, and later to the Warmoesstraat…

update: Jörg and Erik posted their pictures on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam Gay Pride 2006 (updated)

  1. Charles just commented looking over my shoulder at the flickr set: “I bet they didn’t win.”

    HA! I beg to differ.

  2. Charles: we did not win any prizes. We never do. But in an item on we were mentioned:
    Het is jammer dat er geen verkiezing van de mooiste en meest originele boot is want dan had de boot met imitatie Nana Mouskouri’s absoluut een goede kans gemaakt.
    (Too bad there was no prize for the prettiest and most original boat because the boat with the imitation Nana Mouskouris would certainly have had a very good chance.)

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