Our Dacha

We’ve got a garden. It’s a dutch thing, like an allotment, but not just for vegetables – it’s a place to relax and get away from the busy city. In Russia and the former DDR, it would be called a dacha. It’s about 20 minutes cycle ride from the Amstel.

On the map below you can see the complex. We’re some where in the middle there:

Larger map
Click the thumbnail below to see some pictures

One thought on “Our Dacha

  1. I am so jealous, that was the only part I romanticized of glorious old Russia I always wanted a Dacha, of course David and I could build one in our back yard and it would be just like a vacation home. I want an invite next summer.

    Hugz n Tugz


    TF: You’ll be very welcome! We’re expecting to be doing a lot of entertaining next summer.

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