Queensday 2008

Queensday this year was quieter than previous years. Although we had reasonable weather, there were fewer people in town, or it seemed to be so at least. We still managed to have a good time. There was no traditional brunch over at Wim & Nick’s, so Jan, Thomas and I wandered around town for a bit, looking at the stuff on display on the freemarket. Not much interesting stuff, but I did manage to find a small coffee jug that my mother was looking for.

Afterwards we had a look on the Zeedijk, but the music was very loud, especially because it’s a fairly narrow street. So we went back to the Amstel, and took up our usual position in front of the Café Rouge (the former Monopole).

The pasta dinner on board Jonathan, after the music stopped outside, was – again – not as busy as other years, but we all enjoyed it.

The soldiers are busy building the stage for the Liberation Day concert (May 5). We’ll have the TV-crew here again, like other years. It looks to be nice weather (sunny and 20°C) over the weekend.

Some pictures.

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