Tarred, not feathered

Last week the “Broedertrouw” (the houseboat where we have the Friendship BnB) was towed to the wharf for its three-yearly check and maintenance. The insurance insists on regular upkeep, understandably, and the last inspection was three years ago. So we packed all the crockery into boxes (contents may shift during the voyage, after all) and organised a tow. And although the AYOR is a tugboat, it is no longer usable as one. Besides, Jan nor I is licensed to tow ships, so the whole operation would be illegal – and uninsured.

Everything went very well: we only just fitted under the bridge over the Achtergracht, but the rest was smooth sailing, as they say. The inspector from the insurance company could find no faults, and the wharf put on a fresh coat of tar on the hull. So the “Broedertrouw” is canal-worthy again for another three years.

I’ve put some pictures up here.