New toy

I just got my new toy: an iPad 2. So this post is really to see if I can use this new toy for the blog. Hopefully I can find a little more time to keep this blog up to date.

More later.

Oh, and I’ve changed the theme as well.

This a picture taken with the iPad camera.


It simply does everything!

From an actual website:

Integrates Disparate Tools and Processes

[insert software package name here] is a collaborative development environment that connects disparate, heterogeneous tools and processes together with a fully integrated set of project management, change management, and collaboration capabilities. Out-of-the-box integrations with leading software configuration management (SCM) tools connect stand-alone tools into a centralized manageable development platform.

By integrating existing tools with a centralized repository and an easy-to-use toolset, [insert software package name here] provides a consolidated development environment that closes tools gaps, links and automates processes, and enables more efficient use of existing resources.

But what does it actually do?