Libby does Amsterdam

From the official website:

“This year we celebrate 400 years of enduring friendship between the Netherlands and the United States. Four hundred years ago, a Dutch ship called the Half Moon guided to the shores of what is now New York City with Captain Henry Hudson at the helm. This lead to the establishment of New Amsterdam and the New Netherland colony. Some 167 years later, in 1776, the Dutch were the first to salute the flag of the United States of America. NY400 celebrates the free spirit, openness, entrepreneurship and tolerance of those Dutch-American pioneers, and their continued relevance today and beyond.”

Streetview comes to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is now part of the Google streetview database. We’ve come out OK: only thing is that they were repaving the street outside the houseboat, oh well. Can’t really tell whether we’re at home or not; the Ayor is there anyway, unlike in the satellite view: in Google Earth we’re out on a boat ride apparently.

Coughing and wheezing

Yesterday Jan wanted to check whether the Ayor had survived the winter. With some gentle persuasion, and a heavy iron rod, the Ayor started up, blowing clouds of blackblue smoke. But the engine started, and after a couple of minutes, all the pistons were firing. So we took it out for a short spin. It was cold, and the sun was fading, but it was nice to be out again. Now all we need is nice weather.

Gourmet cuisine

Grill with your favourite beer or soda

Grill with your favourite beer or soda

When we were in Nashville, we found these in the local Home Depot. We considered it a joke, but after having tried it, we must say that the chicken was very nice. We used Hertog Jan beer, and the result was very nice.

The can is still inserted.

The can is still inserted.

still here

No, I’m not gone – just busy at work. Oh, and some travel too. But I’ll update on that later.

Here, a picture from Cologne, where we were for Karneval, as tradition requires.

Timon in Cologne

Timon in Cologne


On our way back from Mexico, we spent almost a week in Nashville, on the occasion of my uncle’s 80th birthday.


In January we spent almost two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, or PV for short, in Mexico. Originally it was supposed to be a week, but Delta cancelled our original flight, and the only viable alternative they could offer us was a flight two days earlier. Oh well, we got extra vacation time..

New kitchen

We just got back from Crete (very relaxing, pictures to follow later), but just before (and a little during) our trip to Crete, we had a new kitchen installed. It’s essentially the same layout as the previous one, but now with all drawers, and no more cupboards. It’s taking us some time getting used to the new layout, but it’s nice to have everything wokring smoothly, after having drawers that were stuck and cupboard doors falling off.

Falling leaves

Fallen branch

Fallen branch

Or more precise, falling branches. When I came home on September 1st, I saw a huge branch had fallen down off the tree outside our hosueboat. It had just missed the parked cars, and fallen between the housebaot and the shore. Judging by the discolouring of the wood, the tree is diseased. Here’s hoping the whole tree won’t fall over…

Hotel review: Alexander Thompson Hotel, Glasgow

While we were in Glasgow for the weekend, we ended up in the Alexander Thomson Hotel. It was during the Edinburgh Festival, and even in Glasgow, hotels were hard to find. This hotel is a budget option. We had an attic room, which was OK, but the bed hardly counted as a double: ona-and-a-half at most. Otherwise everyhing was fine. The hotel could not be blamed for some very noisy neighbours on Saturday night. When we first arrived, the elevator had some problems, but that was the only time. Location: on Argyle Street, right next to the Waterloo.

Hotel review: Ord House Hotel, Muir of Ord

While on our way to Scrabster, we stayed one night in the Ord House Hotel. It’s an old country house, with a definite old-world charm. The rooms were OK. As in many British hotels, the bathroom was carpeted throughout… We had the Superior Double Ensuite, which included a bathroom with bath, but no shower. No TV in the room. Dinner in the hotel restaurant was excellent. Free WiFi.

Overall, a pleasant stay, but a tad expensive.